View of London

Visiting London?

If so, can I help you make the most of the experience?

London is without a doubt one of the greatest cities in the World and you are only here for a short time. If you let me know what you are hoping to do or see while you are here then I may be able to help you make the most of your holiday.


Here are some examples for you to consider:

o  Enjoy Green London. Walk for hours through London’s parks without seeing a car!

o  Check out the Wimbledon area: not just the tennis courts but the famous Wimbledon Common.

o  Admire the cathedrals and Churches: (a few examples) Westminster, St Pauls, Southwark, St Martins In The Fields.

o  Walk down the South Bank: The HMS Belfast, London Bridge, the Golden Hinde, the Clink Prison, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Millenium Bridge, Tate Modern, The National Theatre, The Royal Festival Hall, The London Eye.

o  A financial whiz-kid? If so visit the City to see the Bank Of England, The Royal Exchange, Mansion House, The Monument, The Old Bailey.

o  Check out the seat of power: The Houses Of Parliament, Downing Street, Whitehall.

o  A Sports Fiend? London is not just the city of the 2012 Olympics but contains Wembley, Wimbledon, Twickenham, and many of the top soccer grounds of English football.

o  Into music and theatre? London is not only the home of the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Festival Hall but also has some of the greatest theatres in the World.

o  See the West End: Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Soho, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Lincolns Inn.


If you are a lover of food, let me know. In London you can find almost any type of food to enjoy. I will help you find what you are looking for.

London is a very large city but it does have excellent public transport. In addition to the London Taxis, you can choose from suburban overland trains, many underground routes, trams and buses. I can advise you how to get around quickly and comfortably.

If you do want to depart London for a while to visit other parts of the UK, then I can advise on how to get there as cheaply as possible.

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